Jumat, 03 Juni 2011

Type 2 diabetes food list recommended and banned foods for diabetics

Nothing in this world there is no food. In the heart of every holiday dining places. Normally the first date revolve around food. Mothers always tries to make his children, their food. We need to survive and enjoyed by many millions of us are Airbus, and have millions of us now to see we eat very carefully, because we have developed type 2 diabetes.

Doctors, dititians and other professionals will tell you that there are two main things that make for healthy body-eating right and getting enough exercise. If you are like me and like you when I was first diagnosed with diabetes, you may want to easy answers. Want to get a large list of magic called "type 2 diabetes food list prohibited and recommended foods for diabetics. Well, mostly, not easy to keep diabetes in check there is no magic, and certainly you can eat each day a variety of healthy food and exercise every day, and.

However, it may be something of the type from the list of forbidden foods is recommended for diabetics. Really, is this menu, diabetic food pyramid developed by the American Association of diabetes ". The food pyramid is divided into six categories. In the beginning it is prohibited to close for as much as possible-from fats, oils and sweets. Just like regular ADA food pyramid top restricted zone. This means that cakes and cookies, cakes, etc. in the block list.

Down the bottom two levels in grains, fruit and vegetables. Just like the food pyramid diabetic food puts food pyramid "good" at the bottom. This means that grain and fruit and vegetables is recommended in the list pane.

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